It's a wrap.

Would you look at that, a blog post in which I actually have some actual news to share.  Woot!

First news, you may be viewing this blog on my own, brand spanking new website!  If you're not, check out!

And going on right now I have a 30% discount on all items in my etsy shop.  Enter the code "newyear" in to receive the discount.  Slight change to the shop as well and a little bit of re-branding.  The shop is now called LaurieNoelStudio.  Looking at having some new items in the upcoming year, so look forward to that!

Hope everyone out there had a fantastic holiday.  I got to spend a lot of time with family and loved ones and there's not a better gift than that.  Though I did get some sweet gifts, too.

Some things I've been up to lately.  Was part of the Sugar Art and Fashion show here in Seattle this December.  It was a really fun night and a great experience. 

It was also the debut of a new painting style I've been playing with.  I've practiced and trained for most of my life as an illustrator.  Comic book style and character design and things like that.  But over this last year I've really become interested in mixed media art.  There's so much freedom of expression and play with mixed media.  Though a lot of what's out there for classes and tutorials for mixed media is more of a folk art style.  Which I like, but I really feel my strongest work is with my illustration.  So I've been playing around for a while with trying to blend what I love about mixed media with what I've been doing up til now.  I've done a few pieces that I really like, but with my most recent painting, "Follow Me" (which you can see under my Portfolio in the Gallery), I feel like I've developed something really special.  I'm excited to keep working with it.

Which brings me a bit into my next bit of news.  I'll be one of the artists at the 2013 Norwescon art show.  Norwescon is one of the Pacific Northwest's premier Sci Fi and Fantasy conventions.  I've gone several years and it's always a great time.  Great guests, awesome panels and discussions.  I'm really pleased this year to be part of it.  My plan for the show is to create a series of recognizable characters in this new style.  (I'm thinking of calling it Surrealist Pop Nouveau, what do you think?)  My current line up ideas: Chell from the Portal series, Trinity from Matrix, Princess Zelda, the Lady Door from Neverwhere, Death from the Sandman chronicles, Tank Girl.  Just some ideas.  We'll see how it all goes.

And I received the news that the piece submitted to Somerset Studio got published!  It's going to be in the Jan/Feb issue.  I got a promo copy early and it's a beautiful issue.  So excited!

I think that's about all I've got.  Remember, 30% discount with the code "newyear"!  Tell your friends.

Happy Boxing Day folks!