Norwescon has come and gone and what a blast it was.  If you haven't been to a con, I recommend finding one as soon as you can and going! It is such a wonderful experience to be surrounded by people that love the same things you do.  To know that common ground can easily be found and nearly every conversation stepped into with ease. 

Norwescon is something special, though.  Maybe I project a bit, but to me there in an atmosphere of total acceptance.  As though we all realize that none of us quite fit into the society at large, but for one brief weekend, you can be whoever it is you are inside with no recrimination.  If you want to wear a blue tiger striped body suit, pink fuzzy boots and dance with a giant balloon, then you are all the more beautiful for doing it.  If an author wants to get on stage and sing song-fics of her own novels, then she is a diva and space age rockstar.  It's an amazing and beautiful experience.  A world that is totally free.  I wish the rest of my life could be like Cons.

But, alas, freedom and fun times don't pay the bills.  ^-^

A bunch of new prints in my etsy shop as well as some new videos on my youtube channel.  Keep an eye out for exciting new things soon!

Cheers and be free!

Laurie Noel.