So, I've already discussed my love of summer.  Carrying on that theme, Farmer's markets are the cherry on the cake of summer.  There's nothing like fresh potatoes. fresh corn, tahini and peaches and basil.  Well, maybe not all at once, but they're still delicious.  There's just something about the farmer's market that makes me want to wear patchwork skirts and dreds.  Also, I hate gardening, so I'm really glad other people are willing to do it for me and grow delicious things.  That I can eat.  But now August approaches and the days are shorter and the sun shines with less frequency.  But, it's always fun while it lasts. A couple more videos have gone up since last I blogged.  I'm still really enjoying the "film making" process, as it were and as I become more comfortable with the program I'm using it's getting easier to edit and make the videos be what I want.  In the last video I made my big youtube premier.  It was an...interesting experience to be sure.  I watch so many artists online and so many people that put their faces out there for the free entertainment the internet provides and now, having done it, I'm even more impressed.  I've always been an introvert, never been an attention seeker or a drama queen.  I prefer to observe and if I had a nickle for every time I've been labeled the "quiet girl" or "one who doesn't talk" and put all those nickles in a sock, I could probably concuss all the people that have called me that. Anyway, putting myself out there was harder than I expected and in different ways that I thought it would be.  I ended up having to somewhat script what I wanted to say.  Maybe that comes from my tendency to over think things.  Nothing trips you up like over thinking.  It's been one of the most freeing things in mixed media, of letting go of the thought process and just playing.  And maybe all I make is crap, but at least I had fun doing it.  I used to be so focused on the end result, on the product.  If I worked for hours and had nothing to show for it, then what was the point?  Why do it at all if you don't end up with something perfect?  And it's Picasso who is famously quoted as reminding us that the true artists are the children that refused to grow up.  To play and have fun and learn is why I'm here.  It's only when we stop learning that our age truly shows.