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About me.

I am as old as I am and as young as I feel.  Still searching for the true me.  As soon as I meet her, I'll let you know.

Artist, writer, avid video game enthusiast, lady, pessimist, wine lover, food lover, peace seeker, mending.

Those are the esoteric things about me, anyway.  I grew up in San Diego, CA.  Still miss the sun.  Seattle has nicer people, though.  And a lot of pretty plants.

My earliest memory of art comes from an art contest I won in kindergarten.  I had drawn dinosaurs which I think I copied from the Highlights dino stickers.  Winning the contest sparked the idea in me that maybe I could be an artist.  So, I got to work.  One of the main things I remember from childhood is drawing.  Through Jr. High and High school I never went anywhere without a sketchbook and as the internet became a thing, I scoured the web searching for tutorials and practising my favourite anime characters.  Not having a social life is fantastic for personal growth.

I attended every art class I could manage and when college came along I kept at it.  After wrestling with a few silly ideas in community college, I decided that if I was going to spend all that money getting a degree, I wanted it to be about something I love.  I finished my college career at the University of Washington and received a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts.

Click below to watch the video interview I did at the RAW Activate show I was part of in 2012.